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across adv. take sb. ~: take sb. to the other side alongside adv. side by side; next to balcony n. 阳台 band n. a group of musicians, especially a group that plays popular music 乐队 beneficial adj. useful border v. 与……接界;与……相邻 circus n. 马戏团 cling to v. to hold closely; refuse to let go clown n. a person who dresses funnily and tries to make people laugh by his jokes or actions 小 丑 conjurer n. a magician 魔术师 convince v. to make sb. believe; to persuade 说服 creator n. one who makes sth. for the first time 创造者;the Creator(宗教)造物主 crossroads n. a place where two or more roads cross 交叉路口 curiosity n. the desire to learn and know 好奇心 daze n. a condition of beginning unable to think or feel clearly 晕眩 exertion n. effort 努力;尽力 glance n. a quick look at sth. globe n. 地球;地球仪 halt n. a stop or pause hatred n. strong feelings of dislike hesitate v. to pause 犹豫不决 intricate adj. very complicated introduction n. present for the first time 介绍 irritated adj. annoyed joyfully adv. very happily lift v. 抬;举;weight lifters: those who compete in contests of strength by lifting heavy objects misgiving n. (常用复数)feelings of doubt and fear 顾虑 nap n. a short sleep during the day observant adj. careful to observe (rules)遵守规则的 opportunity n. a chance overlook v. to see a place from a building or window 俯视 palm n. 棕榈树;date ~ : 椰枣树 paradise n. heaven 天堂 perseverance n. to keep trying to do sth. in spite of the difficulties 顽强拼搏 physical adj. of material substance; often refers to human body 肉体的;身体的 rank n. a line (of people) revolve v. to move or turn in a circle around a central point rivalry n. 竞争 scold v. to angrily criticize sb. , especially a child single adj. only one

sort n. , v. The noun means a kind or a type; the verb means to put things in a particular order spin v. to turn round and round startled adj. surprised and often slightly frightened stream n. a natural flow of water; anything that moves on continuously; a ~ of: 一连串的 stretch v. 伸展;~ out: 伸出 sunset n. the time when the sun is seen to disappear as night begins 日落 surface n. 表面 sweetheart n. a person one loves trace n. a sign that sth. is there 迹象;痕迹 trick n. (魔术)戏法 unclouded adj. without any cloud, clear, untroubled uniform n. a special set of clothes which all members of a group wear, especially in a school, the army or the police universe n. 宇宙 vain n. in ~ : without result variety n. different kinds of the same thing 丰富多彩;品种多样 various adj. several of a variety vast adj. very large whisper v. to say something very quietly so that other people cannot hear what you are saying yell v. to shout loudly because you are very excited, angry, or in pain

approach n. the act of coming nearer 接* awake v. to wake up banner n. a flag 旗帜 billow v. to rise and roll in waves due to wind 飘扬;翻腾 chatter v. to talk fast in a friendly way 聊天 chew v. to keep biting repeatedly because one is nervous clench adj. to hold one's hands or teeth together tightly because one is determined or angry engage v. to make (sb.) join with one in 使卷入,使参加 exaltation n. joy, great happiness 兴奋,得意 ex-con n. a former prisoner 刑满释放人员 existence n. state of being 存在 fit v. to be the right size or shape for sb. or sth. fort n. a strong building(s) used for defending an important place 要塞;usually capitalized as part of the name of a town, e.g. Fort Lauderdale in para. 1 fortify v. to make sb. feel physically or mentally stronger; to strengthen 使……更坚强 guy n. a person; a fellow jail n. a prison mask v. to hide the truth about sth; mask n. originally a false face one wears to hide one's face; Here: an expression that hides one's

true feelings misty adj. Here: full of tears 蒙眬不清的 oak n. a kind of tree 橡树 parole n. permission for sb. to leave a prison, on the condition that he promises to behave well 假释 retreat v. to go back or away because one is afraid; Here: to stop paying attention to what is happening around you and give all your attention to your own thoughts ribbon n. narrow strips of cloth, often made of silk and used to decorate gifts 丝带;缎带 scream v. to shout in a loud high voice when one is excited stain v. to put a mark on sth. that can not be removed 沾上颜色 stun v. to be greatly surprised or shocked 目瞪口呆 swig n. a large swallow 一大口 tide n. levels to which the sea reaches on land 潮汐 tighten v. to become tight or make tighter triumph n. a complete victory or success; a feeling of great pride or joy because of success or victory unaware adj. not knowing or realizing what is happening vanish v. to disappear wow int. (informal) an expression of surprise when one is deeply impressed or surprised 哇! yeah adv. the usual written form of a casual pronunciation of "yes"

agency n. 机构;代理处;这里指职业介绍所 bamboo n. 竹 Bangkok n. 曼谷(泰国首都) barter v. to exchange goods for other goods 以货易货 breeze n. a light gentle wind buffalo n. 美洲野牛;water ~ : 水牛 bully v. to threaten to hurt sb. who is smaller or weaker 欺负(弱小) condemn v. to express strong disapproval 谴责 crab n. 蟹 craft n. handmade items 手工艺术(这里指手工产品) dusk n. the time before it gets dark 黄昏 Esarn n. a village in Thailand evil n. bad or harmful influence or effect 邪恶 exhausted adj. tired out fashionable adj. popular 合时尚的;时髦的 fate n. 命运 fertile adj. ~ land is land able to produce good crops 肥沃的;富饶的 forefathers n. people (especially men) who were part of your family a long time ago 祖先 frog n. 蛙 gardener n. a person who takes care of a garden greed n. a strong desire for more money, power etc. than you need 贪婪 hairdresser n. a person who cuts and shapes your hair in a particular style 理发师

hardship n. difficult condition of life, such as lack of money to become healthy again, to recover from a wound, especially to grow new skin 愈合 infancy n. early childhood; babyhood insult v. to say or do sth. that is rude or act offensively to someone 侮辱 jeans n. (常用复数)牛仔裤 litter v. to leave (plastic bags, bits of waste paper etc.) on the ground in a public place 扔得到处 都是 lust n. very strong desire for sex, money or power 淫欲;金钱欲;权力欲 old-fashioned adj. not fashionable 老式的,过时的 monk n. 和尚,僧人 nail n. 指甲 pierce v. to make a hole through something; to ~ one's heart: to make one feet very sad reap v. to cut and gather a crop such as rice or wheat 收割 replace v. to take the place of 替代 ripen adj. mature 成熟的 ripple v. to move in very small waves 在微风中摆动 scarcity n. a lack; not having enough, especially food scent n. a pleasant smell sheaves n. (sheaf 的复数), measure of quantity in farming 捆,束 shimmer v. to shine with a soft trembling light 发微光,闪烁 sickness n. illness sigh v. 叹息 strip n. a narrow piece of 细长片 temple n. a place for the worship of a god or gods 寺庙,庙宇 tend v. If sth. ~ s to happen, it means that it is likely to happen quite often, especially sth. bad or unpleasant textile n. any material made by weaving 纺织品 ungrateful adj. not showing thanks wound n. injury 伤口; (感情上的)痛苦

a series of 一系列的 account n. a sum of money kept in a bank 银行账户; an ~ book: 存折; a checking ~ : (美) 活期存款;支票账户 alternative n. a choice anyway adv. to suggest a statement is true or relevant in spite of other things that have been said apparently adv. as it appears authority n. a person whose knowledge or information is respected 权威 balance n. 通常作“*衡”解;Here: the amount of money one has in a bank account belt n. a strip of leather, cloth, etc. that you tie round your waist; money ~ : 挎在腰间的钱包 branch office n. smaller bank offices located throughout the community for the customer's convenience(银行的)分行;支行 bully n. a person who bullies v. to pick on someone less powerful in a cruel manner

candy n. a sweet conclude v. 下结论;Here: to come to the end damn adv. used for emphasis in spoken English; ~ well: certainly deposit v. to put (money) in a bank n. money put in a bank dismay n. a strong feeling of fear, worry or sadness that is caused by sth. unpleasant and unexpected exchange n. 交换;Here: (formal) a brief conversation, usually an angry one fortyish adj. about 40 fund n. (常用复数)money in one's possession 资金(此处指银行存款、现款) grocery n. a shop that sells all kinds of food and things for the home 食品和日用杂货 helpless adj. unable to react normally to a situation because you have no power or strength idiot n. a foolish person interfere v. to deliberately (故意地) involved in a situation that does not concern you and in a get way that annoys people 干涉 khakis n. (常用复数)卡叽布裤子 loafer n. leather shoes one can slip on easily *底便鞋 mustache n. hair growing on the upper lip neighborhood n. all the various homes and businesses in a small area within a larger town or city 邻里 passion n. strong feeling of hate, anger or love prep school n. (in the U. S.) preparatory school 预备学校 protest v. to say or do sth. publicly to show that you disagree or are angry about sth. that you think is wrong or unfair 抗议 rear adj. the back part of sth. ; ~ pocket: 裤子后面的口袋 represent v. to act officially for another person 代表 ridiculous adj. very silly, foolish and unreasonable saving n. (常用复数)存款;a ~ s account: (银行)储蓄账户;定期存款 scared adj. frightened 受惊吓的 shrug n. 耸肩(表示冷淡,怀疑等) slightly adv. a little bit so-called adj. 所谓的 upset adj. worried and unhappy wallet n. pouch (a small bag) that holds one's money 男用钱袋 withdrawal n. the act of taking out/ away withdraw v. to take away; Here: to take money away from a bank

academic adj. concerning teaching or studying, especially in a college or university 学术的 aid n. , v. help angel n. a messenger and servant of God 天使 attach v. to fix; to fasten; to join barometer n. an instrument that measures the air pressure and shows when the weather is going to change 气压表 basement n. a floor built partly or wholly below ground level 地下室

calculate v. to work out a number or amount from information you have 计算 colleague n. someone you work with, especially in a professional job 同事 competence n. the ability and skill needed to do a particular job 能力 course n. a series of lessons or lectures on a particular subject 课程 creative adj. to develop or use new ideas 有创造性的 credit n. a measure of a student's work at a university 学分 dash off v. to run away from a place very quickly; Here: to write in a hurry deserve v. 该得;应受 dilemma n. a difficult choice to be made between two courses of action which seem to be equally bad 进退两难 educational adj. connected with education explore v. to examine; investigate; often refers to previously unexamined space or ideas 探索 formula n. 公式 grade v. (AmE) to give a mark to an examination paper impartial adj. fair in giving judgements, unbiased etc. 不偏不倚的 inner adj. on the inside; close to the centre instructor n. a teacher launch v. Here: to send into space 发射 lean v. 倾斜;倚;靠 logic n. reason 逻辑 panic n. fear; scare pendulum n. 钟摆 principle n. 原则 proportion n. 比例 recall v. to remember sth. 回想起 referee n. sb. In charge of a game in sports ; Here: a person who is asked to settle a disagreement resist v. struggle against 抵抗 select v. to choose solve v. to find a way of dealing with a problem 解决 sophisticated adj. complex 复杂的 Sputnik n. 前苏联人造地球卫星 stopwatch n. a watch to time speed 记秒表 string n. a piece of thread structure n. the way in which parts are formed into a whole 结构 superintendent n. Here: a person in charge of an apartment building 楼房管理处负责人员 swing v. to move from a fixed point 摆动 system n. 系统;制度 temptation n. 诱惑 unit n. (计量的)单位 warn v. to advise sb. to do sth. in order to avoid possible punishment or trouble 警告

atmosphere n. 大气;气氛 awful adj. terrible, shocking; Here it functions as an adv. = very, terribly

bulb n. 灯泡 chant n. words that are repeated again and again by a group 齐声的不断质问 cherry n. 樱桃 comic adj. funny, humorous; ~ book (AmE): 儿童连环画杂志 concern n. worry, anxiety 忧虑 conscious adj. aware, knowing 意识到的;明白的 crash n. a sudden, loud noise as made by a violent fall criminal n. a person who has committed a crime 罪犯 deal n. treatment 对待 desperate adj. ready for any wild act because of loss of hope 绝望的;不顾一切的 dial v. to make a telephone call 拨电话号 electrical adj. relating to electricity exchange v. 交换 fender n. (车辆的)挡泥板 flash n. a sudden burst of light gossip v. to talk about other people's behavior and private lives or about other things that do not concern you 东家长、西家短地闲聊 honey n. (AmE) darling, sweetheart horizon n. *较 hush n. a peaceful silence impression n. effect produced on the mind or feelings 印象 intently adv. with fixed attention 专注地 jaw n. 颚,颌 jerk v. to move suddenly 猛然一扭;一抬 kneel v. 下跪 laughter n. the act of laughing or the sound of people laughing lawn n. an area that is covered with short grass (经过修剪的)草坪 lighten v. to make more cheerful 使轻松 likely adj. probable, expected 可能(发生)的 maple n. 枫树 menace v. to threaten 威胁 meteor n. rock-like object hurtling through space 流星 mob n. a large, noisy crowd especially one that is angry and violent monster n. 妖怪;恶魔 mower n. a machine to cut down grass 割草机 murmur n. a soft low sound nope adv. (informal) no obviously adv. clearly oddball n. a person who behaves in a strange or an unusual way operator n. a person who works on a telephone switchboard 电话接线员 optimistic adj. hopeful about the future, believing that things will happen in the best way 乐观 的 outer adj. of the outside 外面的;~ space: 外屋空间 overhead n. , adv. over the head

persistently adv. continuing to do or say something although other people warn you not to 固执 地;坚持地 plug v. , n. 插;插座 polish v. to make smooth and shiny by continual rubbing 擦亮 porch n. a doorway or an entrance to a house, covered with a roof 门廊 portable adj. easily carried or moved 手提式的 precisely adv. exactly quietness n. silence react v. 反应 reaction n. the act of reacting reluctantly adv. unwillingly residential adj. mainly of the part of the town or street where there are private houses and very few offices or factories 住宅的 roar n. a continuous loud noise made by a machine or a strong wind rooftop n. the top of the roof rub v. 摩擦 screw v. 拧紧 sense n. a meaning 意义 sidewalk n. pavement 人行道 space n. 空间;太空 speechless adj. unable to speak because of deep feeling 由于某种原因而说不出话的 spot n. a small and round mark 点;斑点 black ~s (太阳)黑子 stool n. a seat without a back, usually for one person stove n. 火炉 stuff n. things thunder n. a loud noise following lightning 雷鸣 tone n. 语调 tremendous adj. very big or powerful 巨大的(数字、爆炸声等) typical adj. 典型的 upwards adv. going up 向上 weird adj. strange; difficult to explain, usually because one has not seen or experienced before wet v. to make wet whirl v. to turn around very quickly

arrange v. to make plans about what to do 安排 aspect n. 方面 cell n. Here: a small room for a person (persons) in prison chili n. 干辣椒(粉) ;Here: pepper 辣椒 construct v. to build contact n. the act or state of touching or meeting 接触 cultivate v. 种植;栽培 decline v. to become weaker or worse 变衰弱 document n. 文件

dump n. a place for dumping garbage 垃圾倾倒场 eliminate v. to remove; to get rid of 除去;消灭 enduring adj. lasting eventually adv. in the end fertilizer n. 肥料 flourish v. to grow quickly in a healthy way 长得好 fulfill v. to perform a duty or a task with satisfaction 完成;实现 hallway n. the entrance hall of a house intellectual adj. mental 脑力的 issue n. an important problem manual adj. using the hands 体力的 metaphor n. 隐喻 miner n. a person who works in a mine 矿工 mixture n. 混合物 nourish v. to help sth. to grow 培育 onion n. 洋葱 patch n. a small area of ground peanut n. 花生 permission n. act of allowing 允许 pursue v. to go on with; to be busy with 从事;进行 section n. a part of a larger place; Here: one part of the prison 监狱的一个区 seedling n. a young plant 幼苗 survive v. to continue to live 生存下去 tend v. Here: to take care of; to look after tender adj. delicate, easily broken or damaged 娇嫩的 tennis n. 网球 warder n. the head of a prison 监狱长;Here: 看守;狱卒 wither v. to dry up; to be reduced in size and color 枯萎

audience n. a group of people who watch and listen to sb. speaking or performing in publi 观众; 听众 auditorium n. 剧场,大会堂,音乐厅(等) backstage n. 剧场的后台 bother v. to make sb. feel slightly worried or upset career n. a job or profession that you have been trained for 职业 cast n. people chosen to act particular parts in a play, film, etc. 演员阵营 chin n. 下巴 coach n. someone who trains a person or a team in a sport 教练;指导 cocky adj. too confident about yourself and your ability 狂妄的;自负的 comedian n. someone whose job is to tell jokes and make people laugh comedy n. a play or film, etc. that is amusing and has a happy ending 喜剧

commercial n. a commercial advertisement 商业广告 concentrate v. to give all your attention congratulate v. to praise people for sth. difficult or skillful they have done 祝贺 curtain n. 幕布 dramatics n. 演剧活动 eagerness n. the keenness or excitement about sth. that is going to happen or sth. you want to do embarrass v. to make sb. feel anxious, ashamed or uncomfortable, especially in a social situation exaggerated adj. 夸张的 flea n. 虱子;Here: a very small thing flushed adj. red in the face giant n. a very tall and big person 大高个儿;巨人 groan v. to make a long deep sound because you are pain or upset 呻吟 hey int. 嘿!喂!(used to call attention or to express surprise) humor n. 幽默 invent v. to make or produce sth. new for the first time jockey n. someone who rides horses in races (赛马场)职业骑师 knee n. 膝盖;~ - high: 高及膝盖的 newcomer n. a person who has only recently arrived nonsense n. foolish ideas peck n. a quick and light kiss pleading adj. 恳求的 plot n. Here: the way the play develops 剧情 promote v. to help sth. or sb. to develop and be successful 宣传;推广;推销 promotion n. the act of promoting puppet n. Here: a person who has lost his independence and is controlled by someone else 傀 儡;木偶 sensible adj. reasonable and practical 明智的 sharply adv. in a severe and disapproving way 严厉地 shrimp n. a small pink sea creature 小虾;Here: a very small person smart adj. clever; quick in thinking stiff adj. unable to move (肌肉) 硬的 terrific adj. excellent; great tiptoe n. 脚尖 touchy adj. easily offended or annoyed undersized adj. smaller than usual vice-president n. 副主席 volunteer v. to offer to do sth. without expecting any reward 自动提出

able-bodied adj. physically strong and healthy adapt (to) v. to change so as to become used to new conditions 适应 adequate adj. enough affect v. to have an effect on 影响到

ALS also known as motor neuron disease 一种最终导致全身瘫痪的运动神经麻痹症 bandage n. a piece of cloth used to cover a wound 绷带 bump n. an area of skin that is raised because it has been hit 肿块 Cambridge n. 剑桥(英国著名大学) circumstance n. (常用复数)facts, conditions, etc. connected with a person 环境;情况 clumsiness n. a state in which the movements of the parts of the body do not work well together 行动笨拙 comfort n. 安慰 depression n. a feeling of sadness and hopelessness 消沉 disability n. a physical problem that makes sb. unable to use parts of his body properly downplay v. = play down: to try to make oneself think that it is unimportant or less important than it really is 低调对待 drag v. to pull with effort and difficulty 用力拉;拖 enable v. to make one able to do sth. exceptional adj. unusual frequency n. the number of times that sth. happens 频率 frequently adv. very often or many times function n. 功能 humiliation n. a feeling of shame and embarrassment 屈辱;丢脸 incurable adj. impossible to cure 不可救治的 liquid n. 液体 leuk(a)emia n. blood cancer 血癌;白血病 motor adj. 运动神经的 nasty adj. bad; unpleasant nerves n. 神经 obstruction n. * PhD n. Doctor of Philosophy 博士(学位) predict v. to say sth. will happen in a particular way 预言 rare adj. not seen or found often, or not happening very often recur v. to happen again (especially sth. bad or unpleasant) 地点; scene n. the place where sth. happens 地点;场景 slur v. to speak unclearly without separating words or sounds correctly 吐字含糊不清 span n. the length of time one's life continues 一生 spinal adj. 脊髓的;脊骨的;~ cord: 脊髓 strength n. quality of being strong; power and energy that makes sb. strong supervisor n. a person who gives advice to students in their studies and makes sure that they do their work properly 导师 tablecloth a piece of cloth used to cover the table theoretical adj. 理论的 vacation n. one of the periods of time when universities are closed 假期 worsen v. to become worse worthwhile adj. worth the time and effort to do sth. 值得的

第十单元、 第十单元、
acceptance n. the act of agreeing that what sb. says is right or true 接受(某种观点、说法) ancient adj. very old appreciate v. to understand and enjoy 赏识 armful n. the amount of sth. one can hold in one arm or both arms assure v. to tell sb. that sth. is sure to happen so that he does not have to worry 使……放心 Brazil n. 巴西 breakthrough n. 突破 casually adv. 随便地 chatter v. to talk quickly about things that are not serious or important 闲聊 consist of v. to be made up of 由……组成的 dawn on v. to make sb. realize 使……觉醒 destination n. a place sb. is going to 目的地 encounter v. to meet sb. or experience sth. suddenly or unexpectedly 遭遇; n. 碰见 formation n. Here: sth. that is formed in a particular shape; rock ~ : 具有特殊形状的石峰;怪 石 genius n. very great and exceptional ability or skill 天才 glue n. 胶水;胶汁 identity n. a strong feeling of belonging to a particular group 身份;认同感 ignorance n. having no knowledge or information 无知 inspect v. to examine carefully instantly adv. at once leak v. 泄漏;渗漏 local adj. of a particular place or area 当地的;本地的 locate v. to be ~ d: to be in a particular place 位于 mechanic n. Here: sb. who is skilled at repairing cars 汽车修理工 melt v. to become soft through heating 溶解;软化 New England n. 新英格兰(美国东北部的总称) numerous adj. many; countless occasion n. special time for sth. 场合 origin n. 起源;根源 particular adj. special 特殊的 pat v. 轻拍 perspective n. a way of thinking about or looking at sth. 观点;看法 pinnacle n. 顶峰;顶点 potential n. the possibility that sth. will have a certain effect 潜力 radiator n. 汽车散热器;水箱 reasonable adj. acting with reason 合乎情理的 refill v. to fill again reflect on v. to think carefully about 思考 Rio n. short for ~ de Janeiro, a city in Brazil 里约热内卢 scattered adj. spread all over a large area 散布在……的;散落在……的 significance n. importance slender adj. thin and graceful 细长的;苗条的

slight adj. small in amount or degree 少量的 spout v. to send out with great force 喷出 statement n. sth. you say or write publicly or officially to let people know your intentions or opinions 表述;声明 steep adj. 陡峭的 strain up v. to make a great effort to move upward 竭力爬坡 tease v. to make jokes or laugh at sb. in order to have fun either in a friendly way or in an unkind way 取笑;逗弄

accent n. the way a person pronounces the words of a language showing which country or which part of a country he comes from 口音;腔调 agent n. 代理人;a secret ~ : 特工人员 altogether adv. completely; entirely apartment n. a set of rooms within a large building where one lives 一套公寓房间 armchair n. a comfortable chair with sides to rest your arms on 有扶手的单人沙发 automatic adj. 自动的 Berlin n. a city in Germany 柏林 blink v. to shut and open your eyes quickly 眨眼 Boston n. a city in the U. S. 波士顿 commanding adj. 命令式的,威严的 confounded adj. damned; used to show you are annoyed corridor n. a long narrow passage, between two rows of rooms in a building 走廊 devil n. evil spirit 魔鬼;raise the ~ (= raise hell): to behave in an angry and threatening way 好好闹一闹;好好抗议一下 disillusioned adj. feeling disappointed and unhappy because sb. or sth. is not as good as you thought 幻想破灭的 doorknob n. 门把;拉手 espionage n. the activity of secretly finding out a country's secrets 间谍活动 evilly adv. 邪恶地 explanatory adj. meant to explain extend v. to continue for a particular distance 延伸 frustrated adj. feeling upset and impatient because you can not control a situation or achieve sth. 有挫折感的 gesture n. 手势 gloomy adj. dark, especially in a way that seems sad 阴暗的 grimly adv. seriously; sternly 阴沉着脸地 hesitate v. to be slow in deciding 犹豫不决 missile n. 导弹 moodily adv. feeling unhappy or angry 愤愤地;不快地 musty adj. with an unpleasant smell mysterious adj. 神秘的 passable adj. good enough to be accepted; not bad

passkey n. 万能钥匙 pistol n. 手枪 risk v. 冒险 romantic adj. 浪漫的 shrilly adv. shouting in a sharp or high-pitched voice sill n. 窗台 slip v. to give sb. sth. quietly and secretly 悄悄地递过去 sloppy adj. careless about clothes 衣着随便的 spy n. a secret agent 间谍 stammer v. to speak with difficulty, repeating words or sounds because one is nervous or afraid 结结巴巴地说 stare v. to look with wide-open eyes because of fear stiffly adv. without being able to move one's body 僵硬地 swiftly adv. fast; rapidly thrill n. a sudden strong feeling of great excitement and pleasure tray n. 盘子 twist v. 扭曲,弯曲 uncork v. to open a bottle by removing the cork 开瓶塞 wheeze v. to breathe noisily 喘息 wheezily adv. (说话)呼哧呼哧响地

accelerator n. a machine used for increasing speed 加速器 addict n. a drug ~ : a person who cannot stop taking drugs 吸毒成瘾的人;瘾君子 almighty adj. having unlimited power 无所不能的; 万能的; dollar: taking money as the main ~ goal in life or basis of power 金钱万能的;拜金主义的 attentive adj. giving or paying attention amaze v. to fill with great surprise backpack n. a bag carried on the back, often supported by a metal frame, used especially by mountain climbers or walkers 旅行专用背包 brake n. 刹车 brochure n. a thin book giving information 小册子;介绍材料 Calif. n. = California, a state in the U. S. 加利福尼亚 campground n. a place where people can camp for a small fee 露营地 cashless adj. not having any money chamber of commerce an organization or group of people in a particular town or area for the purpose of trade 商会 chilly adj. rather cold compassionate adj. feeling or showing pity or sympathy for other people who need help 有同情 心的 conquer v. to defeat or overcome 击败;征服 contrary adj. opposite 相反的 cowboy n. a person who looks after cattle in the western parts of the U. S. (美国西部的)牛仔 entertain v. to invite people to one's home for a meal 招待

executive adj. 执行的;负责的;行政的;an ~ director: 行政长官;此处指商会负责人 folk n. people gamble n. a risky action or decision 冒险的事;赌博;take a ~ : to take an action that is risky hoping that it may succeed gang n. a group of persons who stick together, especially for criminal or other antisocial purposes hitch v. = hitchhike: to travel by asking drivers of passing cars for free rides 沿途搭车旅行 hitchhiker n. a person who hitchhikes 沿途搭乘他人便车旅行的人 intrigue v. to arouse the interest or curiosity 激起……好奇心 lowa n. a state in the U. S. 衣阿华州 Jamestown n. 詹姆斯敦(这里指田纳西州的一个城市) journey v. to travel kin n. (集合名词)relatives 亲戚 lumber-mill n. a building where trees are cut up to make wood 锯木厂 lurk v. to wait quietly and secretly in order to attack 埋伏以便伺机攻击 magnificent adj. extremely good, beautiful or impressive 不*凡的;了不起的 Montana n. a state in the U. S. 蒙大拿州 motto n. a short statement used as a guide of behavior 座右铭 murderer n. a person who unlawfully kills another person Nebraska n. a state in the U. S. 内布拉斯加州 New Orleans n. a city in the U. S. 新奥尔良 North Carolina n. a state in the U. S. 北卡罗来纳州 Oregon n. a state in the U. S. 俄勒冈州 patriotic adj. feeling or showing love, support and loyalty to one's country 爱国的 rapist n. 强奸犯 readiness n. willingness or eagerness to do sth. renew n. to find sth. again after it has been lost 重新恢复 revelation n. sth. which is made known and was previously unknown 突然显示的事实 risk v. to take an action, even though it might have unpleasant consequences 冒险 schedule v. to arrange for sth. to be done; to plan that sth. will happen at a particular time shabby adj. in bad repair or condition 破旧不堪的 shelter v. to provide a place to stay or rest n. a place where you can stay or rest skid v. to suddenly slide sideways and get out of control 滑向一旁 solely adv. only stranded adj. unable to move from the place where you are symbol n. a sign or object which represents an idea or value 象征 Tenn. n. = Tennessee, a state in the U. S. 田纳西州 the Atlantic n. 大西洋 the Pacific n. 太*洋 thumb n. 拇指 trucker n. a truck driver vehicle n. a thing such as a car or bus etc. used for carrying people or things from one place to another 车辆 Wyoming n. a state in the U. S. 怀俄明州

ah int. used to show surprise, anger, happiness, agreement etc. attic n. a room at the top of a house just below the roof 阁楼 bar v. to put a piece of wood or metal across the door in order to prevent it from being opened 栓门 barn n. a large building on a farm in which animals, animal foods or crops can be kept 农仓;马 厩 bathrobe n. a loose-fitting coat which one wears before or after a bath 浴衣 beloved adj. dearly loved 钟爱的 bless v. (上帝)赐福 blessed adj. 喜爱的;神圣的;幸福的 brisk adj. 语气干脆的;直截了当的;毫不客气的 brooch n. 胸针 calmly adv. quietly; not excitedly *静地 chore n. sth. one has to do especially at home that is boring and unpleasant 杂活;烦人的家务 事 creaky adj. 吱吱嘎嘎作响的 creep v. to move quietly and slowly in order to get to a place without being noticed dagger n. a short, pointed knife used as a weapon 匕首;短剑 extraordinary adj. remarkable; very unusual fade v. to go slowly out of view 渐渐消失 fool v. to trick sb. into believing 骗人相信 footstep n. the sound or mark that is made by sb. walking on the ground 脚步声 fragrant adj. having a pleasant or sweet smell 香气扑鼻的 frothing adj. 充满泡沫的 gaze v. to look at sb. or sth. steadily with interest, pleasure, curiosity or wonder 凝视 genuinely adv. really 真正地 gleam v. to shine softly 闪烁微光 grant v. to take for ~ ed: 认为……理所当然 hay n. dried grass 干草 hug n. putting your arms around sb. 拥抱 Jesus n. 基督

latch n. 门栓 loiter v. to remain somewhere without any clear reason or purpose to move slowly 磨蹭 magic n. 魔力;特别吸引人或使人激动的魅力 mince n. 碎肉;百果馅 milk v. to take milk from a cow overhear v. to hear what people are saying when they are not talking to you and do not know you are listening 无意中听到 pail n. 桶 pie n. 馅饼;mince ~ : 百果馅饼

queer adj. unnatural or strange seal v. to close sth. such as an envelope so that people can not see what's inside sew v. to join pieces of cloth together 缝制 shepherd n. a person whose job is to look after sheep shyness n. the state of feeling shy in the presence of others 感到难为情;害羞 silver adj. 银色的;银制的 n. 银子 sleepy adj. tired and ready ot sleep slip v. to go quietly and quickly without attracting attention slipper n. loose soft shoes 拖鞋 sob v. to cry in a noisy way 抽泣;呜咽 starry adj. full of stars in the sky 满天星斗的 steadily adv. 稳定地;不动摇地 stumble v. to walk in a very unsteady way so that you nearly fall over 跌跌撞撞地走 tiptoe v. to walk very quietly on your toes 用脚尖走路 trim v. to cut small pieces off to make sth. look neater 修剪 turkey n. 火鸡

avenue n. a wide street barely adv. only just; no more than; hardly; almost brilliant adj. very bright 光亮夺目的 cast v. to throw; to ~ an eye: to look at chat n. an informal and friendly conversation chemist n. (BrE) a person who works in a drugstore and is trained to prepare drugs and medicines 药店里的药剂师;a ~ 's: 药店 club n. a heavy thick stick, used to hit people or things with 棍棒 compete v. 竞争;对抗 confident adj. feeling certain 有信心的 darken v. to make or become dark dine v. to eat dinner doorway n. 门口 doubtful adj. having doubts about sth. ; feeling unsure empty v. to make empty exclaim v. to speak or say suddenly and loudly because you are surprised, angry or excited eyebrow n. the line of hair above your eye 眉毛 guardian n. a person who guards 保护人;卫士 gust n. a ~ of wind: a sudden, strong movement of wind 一阵狂风 hardware n. 这里指五金制品(如锅、钉、锁等) impressively adv. in a way that gives a deep impression 给人印象深刻地 lid n. a cover for the open part of a box, pot or other container 盖子 majority n. most of the people or things in a particular group 多数 midway n. half way between two places moderately adv. fairly but not very oddly adv. in a strange way

outline v. to describe sth. in a general way without giving all the details 略述……要点 part v. to leave each other; to separate 分手 partner n. (used in informal AmE)a male friend pocket v. to put sth. into a pocket release v. to stop holding sth. scar n. a mark left on the skin after you have had a cut or wound 伤疤 sharply adv. in a severe and disapproving way 厉声地 simultaneous adj. happening or done at exactly the same time 同时发生的 spectator n. an onlooker 旁观者 square-jawed adj. 宽下巴的 telegraph v. 打电报 steady adj. *稳的;不颤抖的 superiority n. an attitude that shows you are better than others 优越感;自信 tiepin n. 领带别针 track n. to lose ~ : fail to keep contact with sb. 失去联系;断了线索 tremble v. to shake slightly with fear that one can not control 震颤 unfold v. to open (the piece of paper) so that it becomes flat watchful adj. careful to notice what is happening 警觉的

air-conditioner n. a machine to keep air in a building cool or warm 空调机 antelope n. 羚羊 awe-struck adj. filled with a feeling of respect mixed with fear and wonder 敬畏的 bottomless adj. very deep calendar n. a list of the days, weeks and months of a particular year 日历 campfire n. a fire made outdoors by people who are camping 营火 caretaker n. a person whose job is to look after a building such as a school; Here: a person who looks after the rest-house chink n. a narrow opening that lets light or air through 缝隙 clay n. 瓷土;陶土 community n. society and the people in it computer n. 电脑 concerning prep.relating to; about concrete n. 混凝土 confuse v. to make people feel that they can not think clearly or do not understand 使糊涂 constant adj. going on all the time; without a break cottage n. a small house, especially in the country craggy adj. a ~ face: a face with many deep lines on it 饱经风霜的脸 cycle n. a series of events taking place in a regularly repeated order 循环 deer n. 鹿 define v. 正确描述,下定义;Here: 具有某些特征 dweller n. an inhabitant 居民;city ~ s : 城里人 fiber-glass n. 玻璃纤维

flank v. to be situated at the side of 位于……一侧 ghost n. spirit of a dead person 幽灵 gigantic adj. unusually large in size, amount or degree 巨大的 gleam v. to shine softly 闪烁 harsh adj. ~ light: unpleasant and too bright light heater n. a machine for making air or water warmer 热水器 herder n. a person who looks after animals such as goats or cattle 牧民 Himalayas n. the ~ : 喜马拉雅山脉 Hindu n. 印度教徒 hiss v. 嘶嘶作声 holy adj. of God 神圣的 horizon n. *较 hut n. a small and simple house or shelter indoors adv. in a building or house jungle n. a forest in a hot area with many plants growing together(热带)丛林 lantern n. 灯笼;提灯 Manila n. 马尼拉(菲律宾首都) moonlight n. the light that comes from the moon at night mountainous adj. having many mountains 多山的 mystic n. a person who tries to be united with God and through that, to reach truths beyond human understanding 神秘主义者 oven n. a box-like thing in which food is cooked or heated 烤箱 pager n. 携带式电子寻呼机 (the) Philippines n. 菲律宾 plateau n. a stretch of level land higher than the land around it 高原 pm adv. afternoon (used after numbers expressing time) remote adj. far away in distance; ~ controls: 遥* rest-house n. a house for the use of travelers, especially in areas where there are no hotels 客栈 rooftop n. the top of the roof shape v. to form; to develop in a particular way sliver n. a small thin piece of something that has been broken off sth. stone-tiled adj. 以石作瓦的 stony adj. covered by stones style n. 风格 supernatural adj. impossible to explain by natural laws swollen adj. of an increased size, bigger than usual 膨胀的 Tibet n. 西藏 torch n. 火把;火炬 tumble v. to flow in an uncontrolled way 翻滚 underneath prep.directly under or below worship v. to show respect and love for a god 敬奉 Xerox machine n. (Xerox is a brand name) 复印机